Visensia for EMS

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Speeding Ambulance

Objective decision support for the Emergency Medical Service Continuum

  • First Responder
  • Ambulance Crews
  • Paramedics
  • Accident & Emergency
  • Control Room
  • Home Monitoring

It is well documented that the emergency medical service sector is facing a number of unique challenges in the provision of their services:

  • Increased demand for services but with less funding
  • Pressure to create more integrated and preventative services
  • Longer journeys as a result of the need to transport patients to the right location or specialist centers for Trauma, Stroke and Cardiology
  • Handover delays with turnaround times at hospitals getting longer stretching resources even further
  • Pressure to make the right decision to transport to tertiary care or for patient to be treated by primary care

OBS Medical are pleased to be working with some of the worlds most innovative Emergency Medical Services to try and help address some of these challenges with our product Visensia.

Visensia analyses and interprets the combined patterns of up to five vital signs collected from existing patient monitors, ambulatory devices or manually during  routine observations to generate a single early-warning index; The Safety Index (VSI).

Visensia For Emergency Medical Services
  • Prediction and prevention of clinical crisis
  • Prioritise clinical workflow and resource utilisation
  • Empower point-of-care teams

The VSI and contributing vital sign data are then displayed locally on a laptop (Tough book) or back at the control center. When Visensia – The Safety Index is used to monitor a patient, an alert is automatically generated whenever their vital signs are outside the boundaries of normality, identifying them as “High Risk” .

This enables point of care teams to make an objective decision to refer the patient to another care team or transport the patient to appropriate tertiary care center.

Visensia is the first FDA cleared and CE marked index for multiple physiological parameter assessment with automated alert of its kind and has been designed to provide caregivers a simple, unambiguous call to action, helping to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Case Study

Ambulance Oost – Site Decision Support (First Responder)

Make informed decision whether or not there is a need to convey patient to hospital

Phase 1. Two first responder cars each equipped with:

  • Corpuls Patient Monitor / Defibrillator
  • Toughbook – laptop (running Visensia – The Safety Index)

If the patient is suspected of having a cardiac event – their vitals are continuously monitored using the Corpuls monitor, which feeds an existing backend system and now Visensia – The Safety Index via the Toughbook (laptop).

System Overview:

  • Continuous vital sign data – HR, SpO2, RR and BP
  • Analysed in real-time by Visensia
  • Visensia adds a level of confidence that the patient’s vital signs are abnormal and  that there is genuine cause for concern to convey patient to appropriate treatment center using Ambulance resource.
  • If a patient is conveyed to hospital, the Corpuls Monitor, Laptop containing the vital sign trend data, waveforms and Visensia Index travels with the patient

The ambulances Corpuls Monitor and Laptop are then left with the paramedic for them to use if required at their next call.

Phase 2: Roll out Visensia to all 26x Ambulances and Response Cars

 Visensia – Lifesaving Insight for Proactive Healthcare

112 Network – April Issue 2017 Featuring Ambulance Oost Pilot of Visensia





Translation of 112 Network Pilot Article

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