Visensia for Hospitals

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Visensia for hospital

Real time intelligent analysis and alerting of patient deterioration, providing truly life saving insight

  • Accident & Emergency
  • Acute Assessment / Acute Medical Units
  • Medical / Surgical Units
  • HDU / Stepdown Units
  • Critical Care Outreach
  • Pre and Post Surgery

Today’s healthcare challenges have an immediate and direct impact on patient safety. The majority of Healthcare Organisations and Clinicians will identify with one or more of the below challenges within their own environment.

Healthcare Challenge

Visensia Benefit

Deteriorating Patients Visensia provides over 6 hrs advanced warning of instability, providing earliest possible intervention*                                                                                             *when combined with continuous vital sign monitoring
Pressure to speed up patient journey through the hospital Visensia provides objective & consistent discharge process at each stage of the patient journey
Alarm Fatigue High sensitivity and specificity – Visensia® alerts are validated and appropriate compared to single channel alarms
Increasing Insurance Premiums

Premiums can be mitigated due to the proven Visensia® risk reduction capabilities   *See Tab for Beazley Group below 

Delay in Patient Escalation FDA cleared / CE marked. Fully automated alerting system highlighting the need for imminent intervention & escalation
Avoidable Deaths Visensia provides automated prediction of adverse events around the clock
Availability of Skilled Nursing Staff Visensia allows the prioritisation of available nursing skills to most acute patients

Failure to recognise…failure to communicate

In the UK, the National Patient Safety Agency’s analysis of serious patient safety incidents revealed that 11% of deaths were related to “deterioration not recognised or not acted upon”. This “process can fail by not taking observations, not recognising early signs of deterioration, not communicating observations causing concern and not responding to concerns appropriately”.  

References: [NPSA – Safer care for the acutely ill patient: learning from serious incidents 2007]

Improves communications

Visensia® – The Safety Index provides a single, highly reliable data point for caregivers to refer to when communicating a patient’s condition to other team members.

Visensia® is effective because it can be trusted and helps to prevent “failure to recognise” by facilitating early identification of patients at risk.Visensia® helps eliminate “failure to communicate” in crisis situations by providing a single health status index that all clinical team members can recognise, reference and respond to.

Accelerate response times

Having a reliable pre-crisis alert tool for Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) and other clinical teams can help improve response time system wide, leading to enhanced patient safety and outcomes

Issues with traditional paper based Early Warning Scoring Systems – Track & Trigger systems in the Inpatient – Acute Hospital Care setting have been highlighted in a number of recent news articles and clinical studies and a solution to aid caregivers to better identify deteriorating patients through simplification and automated risk identification to improve patient safety is required.

Intelligent Early Warning

Unlike traditional methods, Visensia uses an intelligent monitoring algorithm to analyse the continuous physiological vital sign data being received. This data is compared to a database of high risk patients and a predictive index between 0 and 5 is calculated in real time – The Visensia Safety Index (VSI).

  • Prediction and prevention of clinical crisis
  • Prioritise clinical workflow and resource utilisation
  • Empower point-of-care teams

Visensia is the first FDA cleared and CE marked index for multiple physiological parameter assessment with automated alert of its kind and has been designed to provide caregivers a simple, unambiguous call to action, helping to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Case Study

St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital SJMO – Intelligent Care System

Using Visensia – The Safety Index over a four year period, SJMO has reported the following health economic improvements:

  • 34.5 % reduction in mortality rates
  • 37.5 % reduction in Code Blues calls
  • Half a day reduction of Length Of Patient Stay

In addition, clinical studies have highlighted:

  • Visensia when combined with continuous vital sign monitoring provided on average 6.3 hours advanced warning of critical instability
  • 95% of Visensia Alerts were deemed True Alerts of vital sign abnormality

Visensia – Lifesaving Insight for Proactive Healthcare

SJMO’s Intelligent Care System

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland’s Intelligent Care System delivers the future of patient care™ by creating the latest technologically advanced healing environment in the country.

The SJMO Intelligent Care System comprises of the following innovative technologies:

  • CareAware IBus
  • Voalte Communication Platform
  • GetWellNetwork
  • Visensia Index
  • ViSi Mobile System
  • Centrak
  • Hill-Rom Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution
  • Hill-Rom smart bed

Watch a video of the system here:

Beazley Group

Beazley plc is the parent company of specialist insurance businesses with operations in Europe, the US, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

Beazley promotes the innovative monitoring of hospital patients to provide early warning of clinical crises through OBS Medical’s Visensia® technology.

Find out more about Beazley and how integrating Visensia could help you organisation:

Beazley – US hospital professional liability: Clinical Crisis Early Warning

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