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Nurse Central Station

Visensia® – The Safety Index was designed with Simplification, Risk Identification and Prevention in mind.

The layouts of the various Visensia® displays are designed to help Clinicians make sense of vital sign data, that in some instances can be complex and that may vary from device to device and from organisation to organisation in a busy environment that requires information to be clear and concise.

Visensia® – The Safety Index™ fuses vital sign data into one numerical index (The Safety Index™ – VSI), representing the patient’s wellness throughout their hospital stay.

The VSI and the contributing vital sign data are then displayed hospital wide, providing simplification, helping aid clinicians in recognising those patients at the greatest risk of deterioration.

Visensia®  – The Safety Index™ automatically alerts staff to patients whose vital signs have moved away from normality, bringing attention to that patient and helping to address the issue of responding to deterioration.

Simplification – Risk Identification – The VSI and accompanying pie chart, show the contribution each of the vital signs are making to the Index with respect to their individual “movement away” from normality, helping aid Clinicians to identify and treat the underlying causes of the abnormality.

The Bingo Board display provides an overview of patients currently being monitored by Visensia® and can be configured to show patients in individual – private rooms, wards or floors depending on your site requirements.

Visensia® – Bingo Board Display

The Drill Down display and displays that are similar to it, show the vital signs and the VSI values for the patient currently selected, along with any currently active warnings for each of the vitals being received.

Patients are ranked from the highest VSI to the lowest VSI, allowing nurses to, at a glance; identify those patients at the greatest risk of deterioration and helping to establish the acuity of patients assigned to them.

The display shows, in graph form, a history of the patient’s VSI and a history of the values for each vital sign and the time when the values were last recorded.

Visensia® can help nurses identify the subtle trends in vitals that are signs of instability or deterioration, helping them to intervene earlier.

Visensia - Drill Down Display

Visensia® – Drill Down Display

The time intervals for the historic graphs are system configurable as are the vital sign warnings to mirror existing hospital thresholds.

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