Visensia® – The Safety Index

Early Detection of Patient Deterioration

Visensia® – The Safety Index is a new clinical measurement that can identify patients at risk of significant deterioration and/or death hours before most physicians and nurses can. The Visensia system is the first such system to earn both a CE mark and FDA approval for its proven ability to make accurate predictions that permit medical interventions to save both lives and money.


Visensia® Storybook

How Does It Work?

The Company’s proprietary database and software tools are part of a multi-disciplinary platform that creates the Visensia® – The Safety Index(the “VSI”) by measuring changes in patient vital signs to predict those patients who are deteriorating and require close physician management to prevent further declines and/or death. On average the VSI is reported to indicate patient deterioration slightly more than six hours in advance, but in some settings the VSI has been demonstrated to make such predictions up to 24 hours before detection by other means.The VSI can also be used to assist physician assessments as to whether the patient is stabilising or improving.

Vital sign measurements have been used routinely for decades to inform physicians about a patient’s current state. These vital signs are measured by monitors made by a variety of manufacturers, but these monitors do not make predictions. They only measure what is currently going on and present those measurements in readable and recordable form.

Visensia® – The Safety Index is data driven. It provides a standard Health Level 7 (HL7) interface for communicating to and from other data acquisition systems (data sources), allowing Healthcare Organisations to use existing patient monitoring infrastructure and resources to tailor their needs accordingly.

Visensia® has been designed to handle both periodic and continuous vital sign data and the Visensia® Safety Index is calculated whenever new data is received. This is in keeping with the development of new wearable devices /sensors technologies capable of continuously monitoring a patient’s physiological vital signs in hospital and at home.

When a patient’s multiple physiological vital signs are received, Visensia® fuses these data to generate a single numerical index between (0 – 5) representing the patient’s wellness.

0 = Normal     3 = Visensia Alert (caregiver attention necessary)     5 = Critical (crisis)

Visensia Data Fusion Image

Visensia® Data Fusion Technology

Vital Signs – Data Fusion – Single Index – Visensia® – The Safety Index

Visensia®  – The Safety Index works by comparing the patient’s vital signs; Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Temperature and Blood Pressure. These data are organized as a correlated set of data, not multiple measures of independent data, and are compared to the unique Visensia database. The comparisons permit the VSI to spot patterns of instability based on real world patient data – patterns that could rarely be picked up by single channel alarm systems and would probably be missed by most nurses monitoring vital signs. Furthermore, the data tools provide a graduated score based on statistics from patient datasets, not just arbitrary, alarm cutoff levels isolated from other clinical data.

The various display options available allow caregivers to have a clear overview of a patient’s monitored vital signs, missing vital signs, associated single channel warnings, trending data and an indication of the patient’s overall wellness or risk of deterioration – Visensia® – The Safety Index.


Why Visensia®?

Visensia® is the only FDA cleared and CE marked index for multiple physiological parameter assessment with automated alert of its kind and has been designed to provide caregivers a simple, unambiguous call to action, helping to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Clinical trials in the UK and in the USA have highlighted a number of key features and benefits, helping to overcome some of today’s healthcare challenges.

Visensia® – The Safety Index was designed with Simplification, Risk Identification and Prevention in mind.

Visensia Clinical Evidence Healthcare Challenges

Visensia® helps caregivers and patients by enabling:

Prediction and prevention of clinical crisis, enhancing patient safety, with over 6 hours advanced warning of critical instability.
Quicker response to patient deterioration to facilitate earlier intervention.
Improved staff empowerment, efficiency, engagement and communication.
Prioritise clinical workflow and resource utilisation while reducing cost of care.
patient admissions and floor assignments.
Empower point-of-care team.