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OBS Medical, a medical device company which supplies patient monitoring software solutions available on secure access networked devices, providing exclusive and effective answers to hospital wards, primary care practices, pharmaceutical and medical device companies and ongoing clinical trials.

OBS Medical's product portfolio includes


Data-fusion software for early-detection patient monitoring

Visensia fuses together patient physiologic vital signs being monitored into a single numerical risk index (VSI). Visensia has been clinically proven to provide the following benefits: Less alarm fatigue, quicker response to patient deterioration, and a reduction in unexpected deaths. All of these clinically-proven benefits lead to improved efficiency.

Automated ECG Analysis with BioQT®

Automated software tool for efficient and rapid analysis of ECG data from cardiac studies

BioQT® is a leading edge solution for the automated analysis of ECG waveforms. BioQT can be used by any organisation conducting a clinical trial which requires cardiac signals to be measured.

Telehealth Services

Telemedicine based modular software for long-term conditions

OBS Medical provides an extensible innovative range of telehealth solutions designed to empower patients and health professionals to manage symptoms more effectively and efficiently via our t+ product range.

mPRO, Clinical Trial Manager

Mobile-phone-based software for electronic Patient-Recorded Outcomes (PRO) in clinical trials

mPRO is a mobile-phone based electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) solution combined with expert study design and analysis.  mPRO runs over the world’s largest data infrastructure which enables global delivery of high compliance, low cost clinical trials with familiar everyday technology.